Why SEO?

Search engine optimization – search engine optimization is the revision, development and promotion
of a website in accordance with the requirements of search engines.

Why do we need SEO for online shops, corporate portals and even business card websites?

1. Growth of Search Engine Traffic
Despite the popularity of social networks and messengers, Yandex and Google are at the top in terms
of traffic in Runet.

Consequently, search engines remain key sources of website traffic. For example, according to Data
Insight, online retailers get about a third of their visitors from search.

Content projects such as corporate blogs, media, and information sites which make money from
advertising tend to have an even higher share of search traffic. You can see this with Similarweb.

Media, brands and agencies are not only interested in search traffic because of its potential volume.
The important difference with other channels is that you don't have to pay for every click and click to
the site, as with contextual and targeted advertising.



SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Online Marketing Concept. Modern graphic interface showing symbol of keyword research website promotion by optimize customer searching and analyze market strategy.



At the same time, of course, you can't call search traffic free, because especially at the beginning you
need to invest a lot in content, technical optimisation and so on. But investment in SEO yield results
and pay off in the long term (4 to 12 months).

2. Improvement of the user experience
The main task of a search engine is to give a quality response to a user's query. That is, to choose
among a variety of sites the most relevant, convenient, informative and authoritative. For example,
search engines take into account when ranking:

page load speed – the faster the page loads, the better the position in search (all other things being
adaptivity – easy display in all devices, browsers, operating systems;
site security – connected https, no viruses;
Matching words from the query with the meta tags (title, description), because they are additional
information about the page for search engines;

the presence of reviews, information on payment, delivery, warranty.
Thus, when you do competent SEO optimization, you not only increase traffic to the site, but also
improve the user experience in parallel. Usability and informativeness give the visitor a reason to
stay on the site longer, to return again and again, to make orders, to leave requests.

Increased traffic and leads, improved website behaviour can only be expected with honest "white"
SEO. In contrast, grey and black SEO methods are likely to lead to pessimisation and penalties.

What is included in any website SEO
Search engine optimization includes the following types of work:

1. Preparation and planning
Before taking specific actions in SEO, it is necessary to determine the objectives, strategy and tools
for promotion. For this purpose it is carried out:

Audit of the existing resource – the site is assessed to what extent it meets the requirements of
search engines. In the process, errors are identified, such as:

broken links (links leading to non-existent pages degrade the user experience);
duplicate pages (duplicate pages make it difficult to promote, lowering the search ranking)
slow loading of the site (there is a high risk that the user will not wait and will leave)
Improper display on mobile devices (increases bounce rate among mobile audience, worsens

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