What is SEO website promotion: the basics of SEO


What is SEO promotion? SEO promotion of a website in search engines is suitable for most
businesses offering their products or services on the Internet. It is an effective way to get
permanently entrenched in search engine rankings and constantly increase the number of visitors.

In simple terms, what is SEO, as well as the main stages of optimisation, will be explained in this

What is SEO promotion of a website
SEO – website promotion, what is it? The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple
words, SEO is a set of actions for internal and external optimization, aimed at improving the position
of the site in search engines.

It's not just building link mass or creating useful content. For a site to rank well in search engines, you
need to work on it as a whole.
The site is meaningless without its promotion. Without optimization, the attendance of the resource
will be very low or zero, unless you use other methods to attract traffic.
SEO is suitable for anyone who is going to or has already sold goods through the Internet, looking for
customers, customers, partners, etc. It makes sense to promote your website if:
Your product is in demand among a wide audience;
Your company has Internet competitors;
The product is allowed for sale at the legislative level;
You are willing to wait at least a few months for the results;
you are looking for relatively inexpensive, but effective and reliable way to continually attract traffic;
You are ready to invest time and finances in your website, to constantly develop and improve it;
You plan to stay within your niche or grow over time.
SEO optimization is not suitable for achieving a quick effect. It is designed to have a long-lasting
effect. The first results after the start of work on promotion you will be able to see in 2-3 months at
the earliest.

What does SEO include
Search engine optimization and website promotion is constantly evolving. Ranking algorithms are
improved, there are new analytical services and tracking the results of the work done.

For example, a few years ago, the most important step was considered an increase in the external
link mass. Today, however, is to focus on internal optimization and external donors should be
carefully selected according to the principle "less is more, but of higher quality.

SEO promotion of a site in search engines includes three key areas: external, internal optimization
and analytics. Each area consists of different actions, which should be carried out in a certain

Stages of SEO promotion of websites

Analysis of the niche and audit of competitors. Need to study the sites of similar topics that are in
high positions. Pay attention to the structure, usability, number of donors, traffic, age, promotion in
social networks. At this stage you will find out which optimization methods are effective among your
main competitors.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO concept , Searching box and icon on smartphone.



In parallel, you need to analyse the niche as a whole. Where should you expect maximum traffic
from, what additional channels should you use? Serpstat, Seolib, Similarweb and similar services can
be used for competitor analysis.

To quickly find your competitors in search engine results, you can use Serpstat's Competitors tool.
Simply enter your domain address into the search box and the service will show you relevant
competitors based on semantics.

Technical audit of the site. If the resource already exists, you need to check its current state and
evaluate the promotion of the past period. If there is no optimization history, connect the site to web
analytics tools (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika, Google Search Console, Yandex.Webmaster).

At this stage you should analyse the current positions of the site, the number of key phrases used,
the sources of traffic (if any).

It is also necessary to check the site for technical errors, determine the speed of page loading, find
out from which search engines the traffic comes, if there are gross violations that may hinder

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