The components of SEO

There are different ways to attract new clients via the internet. These include social media targeting,
contextual advertising, cooperation with bloggers and more. All these methods work well if there are
no problems with finances and need to attract the first customers (buyers) as soon as possible. But
there is a serious disadvantage. The desired effect is maintained only for as long as you pay for the
use of a particular tool. As soon as the account runs out of money, it stops advertising. Modern SEO-
optimization is no longer limited to the insertion of keywords in the text and the acquisition of links,
as it was ten years ago. This work has now become much more meticulous and subtle.

Today, SEO promotion includes such basic elements as:

Constant monitoring of changes in the algorithms used by search engines for ranking, and making
adjustments accordingly;

Monitoring the relevance of search queries. It is necessary to timely track when keywords and
phrases used on your site are losing popularity with users of search engines, and to change the
direction of optimization work;

Creation of a semantic core and regular expansion at the expense of relevant queries;

internal technical optimization, which improves the site code and navigation, improve the quality of
content and accelerate loading;

external optimization, that is, ensuring that the site is cited. To this end, links to the resource are
purchased on various popular platforms, in order to increase interest in it from search engines;

tracking actions of visitors to the site and timely response to all the negative manifestations;

analysis of the results and use them to revise the strategy for further promotion.

It has to be stated that SEO specialists do not know exactly what formulas search engines use to
determine the position of resources in the list of results. But they do know the key factors and the
basics. Usability (usability of the interface), the availability and quality of the mobile version,
download speed and user behaviour – these are the indicators that directly affect a site's place in
extradition. The optimization of a website for smartphones and other mobile devices is particularly
worth highlighting, as desktop traffic is increasingly inferior to mobile traffic today. By optimizing the

site in the above directions, the webmaster can bring it to the top of search engine rankings.
Approximately 800 parameters are taken into account.

If you trace the evolution of this promotional technique, it can be noted as she gradually transformed
from clumsy tools in high-tech tool for point impact. In its development SEO-optimization has passed
the following main stages:



Content Marketing Related Vector Illustration. Flat Modern Design for Web Page, Banner, Presentation etc.



Before 1998 – the initial stage. Then the promotion of the site was a spam-key. Today, against the
backdrop of modern promotion technologies, this technique looks "dirty". In issuing search engines
were the norm for such sloppy phrases such as "kettle buy Saratov" or "buy a fridge Moscow. Now
this is no longer the case;

1998-2009 – the time of PageRank. Google introduced this algorithm to determine a site's ranking
based on the number of links to it online. The tool was also not entirely clean. The top search engine
rankings were those that spent more on buying links;

since 2009, SEO requires much more attention. Search engines are declaring war on links and
introducing ranking factors. With algorithm updates, it is no longer enough to buy links and get leads.
The need for quality content and a well-thought-out website structure has emerged;

2016 was the year that the leading search engines launched a package of ranking algorithms.
Webmasters finally realised that they needed to constantly determine which keys were most
relevant, make the site more user-friendly, fill it with high-quality content, and work on code
optimization and design improvements.

The high speed of transformations in SEO allows one to conclude that it is necessary to keep track of
current news in the field of search engine promotion. This is the only way to count on a highly
effective promotion.

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