SEO services – the optimiser’s best tools


In this article you will find an overview of the best SEO tools for website promotion that are used by
opinion leaders. The services are grouped by task (site analysis, semantic kernel work, position
tracking and link building), cost (free and paid) and interface language.

Direct advertising exchange with which you can find sites for guest blogging. Distinctive feature of
the service: access to the real site statistics of Yandex Metrika or Google analytics.

A useful feature
This direct-to-consumer marketplace offers a wide range of marketplaces with a live audience,
including Yandex.Zen and LiveJournal blogs.

Netpeak Spider

This SEO-friendly tool looks at your website through the eyes of a search engine crawler, detecting
technical errors such as duplicate pages, broken links, indexing errors, etc. Great for analysis of large
sites with more than 1 million pages.

Useful feature
You can scan multiple sites at once, which saves a lot of time, and get the data from Yandex.Metrika –
the first desktop tool on the market that has such integration.


A tool to automate keyword parsing, search for website contact details, determine page PR, find
proxy servers and much more.


Tool to automate link extraction. With Rmoov you can contact the sites you would like to remove
links from. The service provides email templates to send, tracks conversion actions (link removal).

Link Miner
Browser extension to find broken links. With Link Miner you can search for broken links on pages,
analyse them and download them to Excel for further processing.
One of the first online services providing manual crowdfunding services.

Useful feature
If you make an enquiry unload link database of competitors and put links on the same pages. Also
put English links.


With BuzzStream you can automate the process of finding bloggers, establishing contact and
correspondence with them. It lets you automate your emails to bloggers.

Useful feature
Faster communication with bloggers.



Text Content is King typed on retro typewriter



Check Trust

A tool to check the quality of the site. With Check Trust you can identify quality link donors, as well as
work with link exchangers directly from your personal account.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder

Whitespark Local Citation Finder is a tool to get links from local sites.

A useful feature
The Whitespark Local Citation Finder enables you to search for sources where you can add local
business to increase your visibility and improve the position of your site.


A tool for communicating with English-speaking reporters. With Help a Reporter Out (HARO) you can
help reporters in covering a topic and get a link to your project, if it fits the coverage.

Useful feature
Getting in touch with journalists

MegaIndex – tools for automatic promotion of the site.

Useful feature
With MegaIndex you can track the positions of the site for free, creating a project for automatic
promotion, but not running it.

Tools to monitor and analyze the positions of the site. With SEOBudget you can monitor website
positions by keywords, do technical site audits, analyze competition and backlinks.

Line PR-CY
Tool for monitoring and analysis of the site's positions. With Line PR-CY you can monitor the position
of the site by keywords, automatically select keywords for tracking.

Useful feature
It is possible to sell XML Yandex limits for free scanning of positions.

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